# ask-marvin

Mrityunjoy Das

02/16/2023, 7:14 AM
@Marvin what's the possible cause for the following issue ?: Task run 'fc1c29d3-2aab-47ae-b898-c5d7604861e7' received abort during orchestration: This run cannot transition to the RUNNING state from the RUNNING state. Task run is in RUNNING state.


02/16/2023, 7:15 AM
I believe that the possible cause for the issue discussed is related to the task run you specified. Prefect is an open-source workflow automation tool for data engineers and data scientists that is written in Python and part of the Pydata ecosystem. It is possible that the task run specified is not compatible with your current system, and thus the error is occurring. To be certain, I suggest checking the Prefect task library to see if the task run is supported on your system. Additionally, it could be that the task run is not able to transition from the running state to the not running state. I recommend looking at the Prefect documentation for additional information and tips about how to rectify the issue.