02/12/2023, 9:09 AM
Good morning folks! I had posted an inquiry on #prefect-getting-started with no response, hence thinking that may not have been the proper place for it.. I'm moving the question here, in hopes someone is able to shed some light on it 🤷 --- Heya! I've got a flow that needs some troubleshooting / testing. How would I go about running a flow without it registering a run with prefect cloud? I could of course create a new profile or run the flow in a docker container with no
cloud login
done before, but that will prevent me from retrieving blocks i.e. secrets from the cloud workspace I don't want that flow to get registered on 😞
python flows/
In other words, the
decorated function make use of blocks available on a specific cloud workspace, but I want the flow run not appear on said workspace. I do not want anything sent back to cloud (for various reasons)