02/09/2023, 4:52 PM
Hi, I am encountering something new/weird with result-caching. In the past I could just delete an existing flow-run and start a new flow-run with the same parameters and it would recompute everything. My understanding was/is that by deleting the flow-run also all cache-entries are deleted. Now I have tried this approach again, but the cache-entries are still there i.e. all tasks are marked as cached. The problem I am facing is the following: I have deleted all entries in the cache-storage location and now prefect complains that it can't find the cached result. I could set the cache_refresh env variable to force recomputation, but I wanted to ask how this actually works? Are the cache-entries deleted when I delete a flow-run and it just takes some time? Or are they not deleted and I should not touch the cache-storage location?
And a followup question: How could I force cache-refreshing via flow-run parameter? I tried setting the env-variable from within the flow, but this did not work.