02/09/2023, 2:05 PM
Hello, I am taking the DTC course and now that 2nd week homework is over I hope I can get a little more answerable help to the issue I had on one of the questions. My issue was with the GIthub block assignment: On my deployment, the deployment was pulling from my local machine rather than from Github. I used other's advice to put the file in the root of the repo, but that didn't work either:
(zoom) $ prefect deployment build -q gh -n "gh-web2gch-2"  -sb github/ghs-webtogcs -o gh-storage-etl-deployment.yaml --apply
I know it is pulling from local repo and not from github because among other reasons, I accidentally left an error in my local etl script that isn't in my github repo etl script and the error is showing up on the deployment. This is from the logs:
Flow run 'gamma2-ixkun-c' - Downloading flow code from storage at ''