Jaime Raldua Veuthey

02/03/2023, 7:28 AM
Hi, Maybe not smart questions but I didn't see them quick scrolling in the channel... how does one start when wanting to contribute? Is there a list of on-going projects where one can do PRs? Is there a list with prioritized projects based on demand of feature requests or something like that? Is it more useful contributing with a new Block, or with something else? Thanks!

Peyton Runyan

02/03/2023, 12:40 PM
The Basics of Contributing to Prefect Hey there! Most open source projects have a contributing guide on their GitHub readme (see ) The direct link to the contributing guide is here: For open source projects, you're typically going to go to the project's issues. If you're newer to software, filter for issues that have the tag "good first issue". You can find those on the main Prefect here: Prefect collections have their own repos, with their own issues. If you are especially comfortable with one of integrations associated with a collection, that could be a great place to start contributing. See if there is a requested block, or see if there is functionality that is either requested or that you would like to add. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!
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