Khyaati Jindal

02/03/2023, 3:52 AM
Hey prefect I wanted to know what causes a state flow to crash ? What is the difference between , failed / crashed and timeout? I have seen these log messages where, if I have a automation condition set up and the flow falls into the conditional state, the flow get crashed. And the prefect agent log has a log message saying, the flow run was cancelled by runtime environment. M I getting this right ? Is this the only way the runs go into crash state ? What others reasons prompts to crash state ?
I currently have no automation set up but I can still see similar crash flows and agent log messages. Even though the agent is running, the agent has a log , 'executing the flow immediately' but never get completed and the flows gets stuck in running state for few hours , later show up as crashed.

Mason Menges

02/04/2023, 12:45 AM
High level Crashed states are typically an indication of some infrastructure event, a common example would be a container running the flow experiences an error and exits, failed states are related to some code failure typically with the flow but this can be related to issues deploying a flow as well from the agent. Hopefully that helps clarify a bit 😄
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Khyaati Jindal

02/04/2023, 6:56 AM
understood , thanks