# prefect-gcp

Anthony Harris

01/31/2023, 7:10 PM
Hello! We have deployed an Orion agent to GKE autopilot, and we are able to successfully execute flows from the Cloud UI. We're currently investigating whether it is possible to use Vertical Pod Autoscaler to optimize the resources utilized by the pods that are deployed by the Orion agent. From what we can tell online, the VPA is pretty much exclusively pointed at a Deployment object, rather than a Job object - does it make sense to point the VPA at the Orion agent? From the linked documentation, a
is a:
Reference to the controller that manages the set of Pods for the autoscaler to control, for example, a Deployment or a StatefulSet. You can point a
at any controller that has a Scale subresource. Typically, the
retrieves the Pod set from the controller's ScaleStatus.
Any guidance is much appreciated!
Figured this out, btw - the answer is no, the VPA does not apply to jobs created by the Prefect Agent. We're opted to adjust our process to test run a deployment after instantiation, monitor the resource utilization during the test run, and then subsequently adjust the resource requests defined in the KubernetesJob object and redeploy with the new, more optimized resource requests