01/31/2023, 12:57 AM
Hey guys, i receiveing this error below on flow run (one of my Parameter has 1MB size), how can i fix this? Thanks. I'm running local server.
Failed to set task state with error: ClientError([{'message': 'State payload is too large.', 'locations': [{'line': 2, 'column': 5}], 'path': ['set_task_run_states'], 'extensions': {'code': 'INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR', 'exception': {'message': 'State payload is too large.'}}}])
The stacktrace
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/app/src/prefect/engine/cloud/", line 91, in call_runner_target_handlers
    state = self.client.set_task_run_state(
  File "/app/src/prefect/client/", line 1622, in set_task_run_state
    result = self.graphql(
  File "/app/src/prefect/client/", line 465, in graphql
    raise ClientError(result["errors"])
Looking in the code i saw that is possible to change this for artifact ( ) but we don't have the same logic for state (is harcoded): so we can't change this value?
Doing a little more research i found these two issues: • Just to give a context here: I receive larger payload via webhook that i need to run through prefect pipeline this is the reason i get this data via
can i open a PR to make possible to override this possible values for whom have this kind of scenario as mine or do we have a better alternative to handle this? Thanks.
Should i raise a issue for this one so it can be discussed further? Thank you!