Dmytro Ponomarchuk

01/26/2023, 12:43 PM
@Marvin How to retry not deployed sub-flows from the UI?


01/26/2023, 12:43 PM
It sounds like you're looking for information on how to retry not deployed sub-flows from the UI. I have used the Prefect tool to gather the following information: Retrying not deployed sub-flows from the UI can be done by selecting the name of the flow run in the dashboard. This will display details about the flow run, including Flow and flow run names, State, Elapsed run time, Flow and flow run IDs, Timestamp, Flow version, Run count, Infrastructure used, Tags, Logs, Task runs, Subflow runs and Radar view of the flow run. From here, you can configure flow run retries by setting the retries and retry_delay_seconds parameters. You can also check the logs for errors, check the task runs to see where the error occurred, and check work queues to make sure that there is a queue that can service the flow. Additionally, you can use the datadog UI to monitor the flow runs and identify any errors. Is this what you were looking for?