Hi there! Have more questions regarding the orion...
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Hi there! Have more questions regarding the orion REST API, specifically the one for the cloud. We are trying to create flow runs from deployments using this cloud api endpoint https://app.prefect.cloud/api/docs#tag/Deployments/operation/create_flow_run_from_deployme[…]es__workspace_id__deployments__id__create_flow_run_post I can see the flow runs appearing in our cloud UI and kubernetes work queue. However, our kubernetes agent is not picking up these jobs from the queue. Any ideas?
can confirm that 1. our path parameters are correct 2. our agent can pickup flow runs if we create deployment flow runs from the UI
I first thought this was an issue with the
parameter, but that doesn't seem to help either.
It looks like I was just missing the
body parameter in my API call. Everything's working now 🎉