Ram Vuppaladadiyam

01/25/2023, 4:20 PM
Hi, I had a couple questions as my team is exploring V2. If there is a better place to ask these questions, let me know! 1) Is there a way to run tasks downstream from a specific point in a flow? For example, suppose a user has the following flow
a >> b >> c >> d
. After the flow has run, what is the best way to run tasks
? 2) On a related note, in the following thread, it seems that there was a PR for flow restarts. Has there been any follow-up there by any chance? Can you also clarify the difference between a flow retry and a flow restart? 3) After a flow run is canceled, what's the best way to resume the flow run? When we cancel a flow run, it seems that the flow run is indeed canceled. On the other hand, any tasks that were previously running are interrupted but left in the running state. So, when we attempt to retry the flow, those tasks that are still in the running state cannot be restarted. 4) What is the purpose behind deleting a task run? How should we use this feature? Thanks for your help!

James Sopkin

01/30/2023, 9:52 PM
Hi @Ram Vuppaladadiyam one way to run tasks downstream of another is simply to pass in the result of one task into the next or you can use async
to accomplish this