Tony Alfonse

01/20/2023, 2:25 PM
Hey Everyone, I have two pipelines/deployments A and B and they need to interact with each other, I have two scenarios that I can't seem to implement 1. Can two flows interact with each other and wait for each other to run a third flow, given that both flows are running separately and have separate deployments/pipelines? i.e. flow B has a dependency on both flows A and X. However, flow X is part of deployment B and is triggered by a different upstream process. Moreover, X and A don't necessarily run at the same time (~15 min gap) 2. Flow C is triggered by flow A on the 1st of every month, in normal circumstances, it would get executed, however, in occasional events, if it's Monday and also the 1st of the month, flow C should wait for B to finish, how does this work? I can just add an if-else or a similar implementation but wouldn't it mess up the radar (the visual flow representation) since the pythonic code can mess it up? Would really appreciate any lead! 🙂

Kalise Richmond

01/20/2023, 4:01 PM
Hi Gregory, a couple options I can think of is to pass the flow run as an parameter so that you can use the API to look for the completed state or use something like a json block that the flows could update with state and timestamp or latest flowrun id which the flow could take action on. You may also be able to use Automations to accomplish some of this.

Tony Alfonse

01/20/2023, 7:47 PM
Thank you, I will definitely take a look at these suggestions.