Mark NS

01/20/2023, 11:14 AM
Another automations question... I've configured an automation to send a slack notification when a work queue becomes unhealthy. If I then stop the agent process, the work queue does become unhealthy, but the notification is never sent/received. I know the Slack block works because I use it successfully to send a message when a flow changes state.
body of the message is just the default:
Name: {{ }}
Last polled: {{ work_queue.last_polled }}
Late run count: {{ work_queue.late_runs_count }}
URL: {{ work_queue|ui_url }}
Oh, hmmm, the message came through eventually. 🤷
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Anna Geller

01/20/2023, 3:03 PM
nice! the syntax looks good

Will Raphaelson

01/20/2023, 3:38 PM
hmm, there shouldn’t be too much latency @Mark NS. If you notice this again would you let me know?
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