Hello All, I am currently trying to create a depl...
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Hello All, I am currently trying to create a deployment that takes a parameter as a dictionary and not just a string. Is this possible within Prefect or is the only data you're able to provide as a parameter to a deployment a string? Best, Wright
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Hi! We support any JSONable data type for parameters — and you can do more complex types by annotating flow parameters as Pydantic models.
If you share a more specific example, we can probably give some concrete guidance 🙂
Yeahhhh. I think I am figuring it out now. Let me build it real quick and follow up. Thanks, Michael!
Classic case of me shooting myself in the foot here.....
It was a type hint issue. Seems like I had accidentally put string in my flow code
run_snfw_to_pg_flow(transfer_dict:str, transfer_name: str)
needed to be
run_snfw_to_pg_flow(transfer_dict: Dict, transfer_name: str)
👍 yep we’ll coerce the input to the type annotation
Thanks homie for the explanation.
Will research more into Pydantic while bored today!