Prefect 2.0. Is there a way to upload a file in th...
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Prefect 2.0. Is there a way to upload a file in the Cloud UI as a task argument? We have been using URLs for this but as we start to expand Prefect's use in our organization it is getting challenging to make sure the prefect agent has permissions to all the S3 buckets folks might upload a file to.
Hi @Trevor Kramer this sounds like an interesting use case. What would your ideal experience as a user be in this scenario? Are you looking for a user to upload a file to Cloud UI instead of pointing to an s3 bucket the file is located in or are you looking for a way to ensure the agent has correct permissions to where the file lives?
Ideally the user could upload a file and Prefect would treat it as a bytes or string parameter in the flow
Maybe if the Pydantic type is FilePath then prompt for a file and upload it to some specified cloud location