Hello, in the documentation, it explains that Task...
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Hello, in the documentation, it explains that Task cannot be run inside other Task and one of the workaround is calling the task using .fn(). However, when using .fn() with a task that returns a result, I get a return value that is a coroutine instead of the actual value I'm looking for. Any way to get the resulting object instead of a co-routine using .fn() ? Otherwise, what are other alternatives?
when you use .fn(), you don't use Prefect features, you are just calling the python function:
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from prefect import task, flow

def special_data():
    return 42

def extract_data():
    return special_data.fn()

def get_data():
    x = extract_data()

if __name__ == "__main__":
it's weird, because calling
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return a coroutine
that might be because it's an async function.
that makes sense, you'll just need to await your
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In [2]: async def read_secret():
   ...:     return 42

In [3]: read_secret()
Out[3]: <coroutine object read_secret at 0x7fa7004f5170>

In [4]: await read_secret()
Out[4]: 42
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yeah, but that makes your flow async right ? I haven't been able to find good example on how to manage async flows in the documentation.
async flows work the same way as async python functions, you'll just have to await async function / task calls that you make in your async flow and then call your flow like an async function: • using
if you don't already have an event loop • just
await my_async_flow()
if you're somewhere that already has an event loop (like ipython in example below)
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In [19]: async def read_secret() -> int:
    ...:     return 42

In [20]: @flow(log_prints=True)
    ...: async def my_async_flow():
    ...:     print(await read_secret())

In [21]: await my_async_flow()
15:32:02.584 | INFO    | prefect.engine - Created flow run 'groovy-penguin' for flow 'my-async-flow'
15:32:03.889 | INFO    | Flow run 'groovy-penguin' - 42
15:32:04.113 | INFO    | Flow run 'groovy-penguin' - Finished in state Completed()