Hi all - a question. Say I have a flow run that h...
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Hi all - a question. Say I have a flow run that has a task runner, and in said flow run I have a sub-flow I execute. Is there a way to inherit the task runner from the parent flow? I ask because my task runner is backed by a slurm job allocation managed via
. It makes sense to me to avoid a whole new set of requests when resources have already been allocated for the blocked parent flow.
Hi Tim! Something like this might do what you need:
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from prefect.context import get_run_context

# then, inside your parent flow
context = get_run_context()
task_runner = context.task_runner
result = my_subflow.with_options(task_runner=task_runner)(param1, param2)
Awesome -- that looks exactly like what I need
Out of curiosity, what is the life time of a task_runner, particularly one that has been spun up outside a flow? Are they killed automatically when a
using it completes? Or do they just live until that are garbage collected by python?