I have Dask running in k8s, and I am trying to get...
# prefect-getting-started
I have Dask running in k8s, and I am trying to get the first script running that is on this page: https://prefecthq.github.io/prefect-dask/ I have changed this line to take the address of my Dask scheduler: @flow(task_runner=DaskTaskRunner(address="tcp://hostname:8786")) (I am substituting hostname for the actual server name) I did that based on the doc that shows: For example, this flow uses the
configured to access an existing Dask cluster at
. @flow(task_runner=DaskTaskRunner(address="http://my-dask-cluster")) By the way, when I attempted using "http", I got this message: ValueError: unknown address scheme 'http' I chose tcp and 8786 based on this line I see in my dask scheduler's log: distributed.scheduler - INFO - Scheduler at: tcp:// I exposed the port: k expose pod mycluster-scheduler --port 8786 --name mycluster Unfortunately, when I try to run the python script, I see: OSError: Timed out trying to connect to tcp://hostname:8786 after 30 s Am I doing something obviously wrong? Any tips for troubleshooting?