Jo Tryti

01/12/2023, 12:22 PM
Is there a way to add authentication to a self-hosted orion server? We have a simple setup where we self-host prefect in azure. We have the orion server in an Azure AppService, a psql database hosted on a Flexible Server and one agent running in a Container Instance. Everything is working great, but we want to enable authentication for the App Service. As in most of our self-hosted in-house application we just want to enable the AAD authentication on the App service but when doing so the agent can't communicate with the API since its not authorized. Does anyone know a way to get the agent to use its service principal to authenticate with the API?

Christopher Boyd

01/12/2023, 3:20 PM
Hi Jo, At the application level there is not. This would need to be done externally to the app, although I have seen some community members discussing solutions to implement this
Ill see if I can find the previous thread

Jo Tryti

01/12/2023, 3:29 PM
Great, thank you so much. Was searching through the slack community but came up empty.