Is there a way to rename a flow already registered...
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Is there a way to rename a flow already registered with Orion/Cloud? I want to change its name and not lose run history
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I had hoped to use this API endpoint, but that seems to be only for updating tags 🤔 Thoughts?
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Github issue created - This seems to not be possible at the moment.
@Stéphan Taljaard did you succeed to add tags to your flow on runtime? I always have “flow not found”, however I take id with:
Hi Aleksandr! I didn't actually want to add tags to my flow; I wanted to rename existing flows. I'll quickly check if I can add tags to a flow run, at runtime
@Aleksandr Liadov This did the trick for me:
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async def set_flow_run_tags(tags: list[str]):
    task_run_context = prefect.context.get_run_context()
    flow_run_id = task_run_context.task_run.flow_run_id

    async with prefect.client.orion.get_client() as client:
        response = await client.update_flow_run(flow_run_id=flow_run_id, tags=tags)

def main():
    set_flow_run_tags(["tags", "at", "runtime"])
You trust it should also work similarly if you want to do it inside the flow itself (i.e. not as a task)
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@Stéphan Taljaard thanks a lot! At least I can add a tag now. P.S I can rename flow now, your trick is working 🦄
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Note that renames the flow run, not really the flow itself. But I'm happy this is working 🎉
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