Hi Prefect family! We’re hiring a full stack eng...
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Hi Prefect family! We’re hiring a full stack engineer to help build the next generation of AI tools for e-commerce companies. Table.ai is an early stage startup focused on helping e-commerce businesses make use of all the data they have to drive better decisions. We offer tools like price elasticity modeling to help sellers set the right price to meet their business strategy. The company has raised $7M to date and is only 10 employees. We work in a hybrid model with the team meeting in San Francisco every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. We’re looking for a product minded engineer who can build features end-to-end to solve our customers’ problems. This is our tech stack Frontend: React/Typescript Backend: Python, Flask, PostgreSQL Data Stack: Python, Prefect, BigQuery Infra: Docker on Google Kubernetes Engine Check out our job description to learn more about the company and the role. https://www.table.ai/full-stack-engineer
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