Hello, has anyone encountered this issue with a de...
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Hello, has anyone encountered this issue with a deployment before?
Hi Guy, Is that the path for your flow ?
The C:\Users\galtman\appdata\local\temp …
@Christopher Boyd No, the path for my file on my computer is
Would you know what that path in the error message is from? They just contain the repo of my code, I assumed prefect does this when you set the deployment up
You have to either use a storage block or specify a storage path locally when you create the deployment , right now it’s just looking at where the process spawns , not at where your flows are
I'm using a github storage block. This is my deployment file that I run. Does that mean that the storage block is the point of failure?
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from prefect.deployments import Deployment
from prefect.filesystems import GitHub
from fl_blob_ingestion import main_flow

storage = GitHub.load("athenix-prefect")

deployment = Deployment.build_from_flow(
    flow = main_flow, # name of the flow function
    name = "dp_blob_ingestion_zonda", # name of deployment
    work_queue_name = "blob_ingestion_zonda",
    storage = storage

if __name__ == "__main__":
It doesn’t look like it’s retrieving it from GitHub - you can run prefect config set PREFECT_LOGGING_LEVEL=DEBUG and retry the flow to see if there is any additional information (and to ideally see if it’s attempting to get the flow from GitHub)
Also, the path you have - blob_ingestion, is that a directory ? If so, is that local, or in GitHub?
Yea that's my directory on github. I am trying to set the log to debug and run, 1 sec I will send results
Does this help at all? I don't see any stand out debug messages
Honestly it looks like it’s using local storage and not GitHub
Yea It does seem that way, is there any test I can run with the block itself to make sure it's not the block?
Cause it shows the github block on the cloud u
How is your GitHub block configured ?
It's a private repo so with the link and access token (double checked that they aren't wrong) and my branch as the tag
I’m not sure , I’d have to test and get back on this
Okay if you can that would be great. I used the same method about a month ago to get a deployment up and running and it was successful so not sure what changed.
Could it be from a recent update? I noticed the yaml formats are different between what it generates now and from a month ago (i.e. infrastructure is now under the do not edit comment as opposed to before)