I am quite new to Prefect and I tried running pref...
# prefect-gcp
I am quite new to Prefect and I tried running prefect using cloudrun but the job is not getting triggered at cloudrun. Deployment is working fine. But flow runs are getting into "Late" state with no logs. Not able to debug due to no logs. Do I need to start the agent in the container ? Any suggestions ?
Runs ss:
Are you using this setup? do you have an agent up and running elsewhere and the work queue is in
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is a great resource that has different setup steps already packed into GitHub actions/workflows, so it's easy to start with. However, I believe the steps from the guide you're following should also work well 🤔 Do you have an agent deployed elsewhere and listening to the queue where your deployment has been done?
No Miguel. i was under the impression that once i run the flow manually, CloudRun will create a container, run the flow and will exit. I suppose that is how it should work since cloudrun is serverless an we are not creating any service.
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@Miguel Moncada Thanks for connecting. It was great talking to you and debugging the issue. 🙏
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