Hello guys, recently I tried to run simple Prefect...
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Hello guys, recently I tried to run simple Prefect flow script, as well trying out deployment on Prefect Orion service in Windows 10, but I got
httpx.HTTPStatusError: Server error '500 Internal Server Error' for url '<>'
all the way. I got no idea why is this happening, is any one encounter this before? Below are my steps and some snapshot of Prefect version, command prompt that executed the code and the code itself. Here is my steps to get this error: 1. Create python virtual environment using this command
python -m venv prefect
2. Activated the
environment 3. Install Prefect
pip3 install -U prefect
4. Start the Prefect Orion Server
prefect orion start
5. Write a sample python code and execute the code
python test.py
6. Error happened.
You can delete and reset your DB from CLI: prefect orion database reset -y You could also sign up for a free Prefect Cloud account (would be easier to start)
Hello @Anna Geller , thanks for assisting. I choose Prefect Orion because the server that I’m going to deploy the solution doesn’t have internet access. Anyhow, currently I’m testing on my own computer. I did reset the database but it turns out the same. Not sure is there any other possible reason that cause the issue 😞
interesting, without running prefect orion start you should be able to run the flow code already...im using prefect 2.6.9 if you want to give a try.
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exactly, try in a new conda environment, delete the old DB file and install the latest version and you should be good to go
@ar Hello, I tried to use prefect 2.6.9. but and run the code straight away. But it failed too.
@Anna Geller I am wondering whether did I make any mistake during installation step. Is that possible that I do my installation on python venv instead of conda? Are you referring latest version as stable release or bleeding edge?
I meant the latest release, atm 2.7.6