Hi, we had configured Slack notifications to be tr...
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Hi, we had configured Slack notifications to be triggered on failure and success. However we're noticing failure messages arent getting reported. What could be the potential reason for this? We're running a self hosted prefect server
Hi @Malavika S Menon, can you share some code examples for how you are configuring the notifications?
@Kalise Richmond For me it also stopped working on prefect cloud. 2 days ago it was still working. I have entered the Slack webhook url and set to send message on crash/fail. In the code it can be a simple Exception that is raised and not caught, that would result in a Slack notification. I also tried a new notification with a custom URL where I am able to monitor all requests. I cannot see any requests sent from prefect. So it looks like the notification is never sent or it does not arrive.
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Now it is magically working again for the Slack webhooks
But when I use a custom URL I don’t see the notification. Is it limited to
or can I put any custom URL there?
It's odd because I've been testing and haven't been able to get a notification for just Failed on the slack webhook. Which version are you using?
I currently use prefect 2.6.9 Getting notifications only for failed and crashed worked perfectly for me for months. Earlier today I didn’t get any notification but now it works again.
I just filed https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/issues/7964 since I'm still not able to trigger the slack webhook for a Failed state from notifications on 2.7.3
Double checking @Malavika S Menon that this is resolved now?