Hi, I’m getting the following error during my Flow...
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Hi, I’m getting the following error during my Flow Run.
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(sqlite3.OperationalError) no such table: flow_run_alert_policy
[SQL: ALTER TABLE flow_run_alert_policy RENAME TO flow_run_notification_policy]
(Background on this error at: <https://sqlalche.me/e/14/e3q8>)
I’m using the
decorators for my Python functions. I’m not using Prefect Cloud. I’m on the following prefect version
. It’s hard for me to repo because this occurs during my chron job, and it only occurs for a small subset of the Flow Runs. I haven’t been able to repo locally. Anyone know what’s going on? A quick Google brought me to this, but this doesn’t seem related as I am not deploying anything and I’m not using
This seems to be the same issue as this one. Did you try to delete the
file, or run
prefect orion database reset
These errors are happening on my app deployed to GCP, not my local machine. How can I do that for a deployed app?
I don’t know about GCP well. Do you know how to handle this, @Ryan Peden?