Hi. I have a quick question: We recently migrated ...
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Hi. I have a quick question: We recently migrated from Prefect1 to Prefect2 and mostly everything went smooth. A single problem I have: we had some Flows running easily in parallel on ECS on Prefect1 and right now, if we try to run them in parallel on ECS in Prefect 2 they are not launching in parallel. We do not use Dask, just simply launch them with the task call in a for loop. Could you provide us any resources where we could find how to launch them in parallel on ECS (yes, we have enough of a vCPU quota on AWS)
I think you're looking for the
method of running subflows. Search for that in this slack, and you should find lots of good examples.
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Mike is on the money. There’s also coverage on the prefect discourse. On mobile otherwise I’d link
Thanks a lot!! Will check. I think that s what i am looking for.
Hi @Anna Geller @Mike Grabbe @Peyton Runyan -> this is what we did and the flows are still executing concurrently. I see also that the Runner is concurrently by default (?). Do we need Dask to have parallel flows?
solved it. nvm
Nice work figuring that out and for posterity, Dask is optional and sequential task runner can be used as well