Hi all, these might be a few questions that get as...
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Hi all, these might be a few questions that get asked a lot but I am just starting to contribute to open-source projects so please help me out. Are there any best practices or conventions I need to follow if I want to contribute to this project? A few questions that I have are: What is the branch naming convention? Is there any commit message convention like adding issue-id: commit-msg? From which branch should create a new branch for the issue I will be working on and which branch should I raise a PR against? I understand that the main branch is unstable so probably not the best idea to branch from there. Feel free to add any other important conventions that I need to be aware of.
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Hi! Thanks for expressing interest in contributing 🙂 We want to make it easy for anyone to contribute
When you’re working on a contribution, you’ll need to use a fork of Prefect. Outside contributors do not have permission to push branches to our repository. Since you’re on your own fork, you can use any branching convention you want.
We squash pull requests, so all of your commits will be collapsed into a single commit with the name of the PR on merge. Consequently, you can write your commits however you want too!
You’ll want to branch from our
branch. Your changes will need to be up to date before they can be merged anyway. If there are conflicts, we can usually help resolve them.
Awesome @Devansh Doshi! You might want to join the the #prefect-contributors channel, too.
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If you want to make a contribution you could add some of these notes to that documentation!
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@Zanie thank you and I will also see if I can add these notes to that documentation.