Ashley Felber

12/15/2022, 11:00 PM
Hello, I am having.a strange issue with building a prefect deployment via a github action. The name of the flow entrypoint is complete_s3_stitch_job() but there is an error saying it can't be found in the script. However, flows: 'complete-s3-stitch-job' can be found. These are the screenshots showing the flow in the script and the error.
Actually i'm having the same error now when I try to run a flow that was working yesterday. Flow 'complete_s3_stitch_job' not found in script ''. Found the following flows: 'complete-s3-stitch-job'. Has there been a change where he - is necessary instead of _?

Anna Geller

12/16/2022, 12:30 PM
Yup, thanks we have an open ticket here try using 2.7.1 until then, this way the error won't happen