Hey, So I have been working with custom blocks whi...
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Hey, So I have been working with custom blocks which I have now created a python package with a
for and installed through poetry into the other projects I want to use them in. It all seems to be working except I get a warning:
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UserWarning: Block document has schema checksum sha256:3867078ba2512b836bbfbc1ee1831b44fe3e1dc4ea93da04e96ed0be9e1ef1e5 which does not match the schema checksum for class 'GCPServiceAccount'. This indicates the schema has changed and this block may not load.
  return cls._from_block_document(block_document)
Should I worry about this?
tldr; no. This indicates that the schema of the block (description of its fields) is different on the server and client. You should register the block type again so the fields in API/UI match the fields in the local class.
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@Ofek Katriel