Kind of a networking question: - I have the prefec...
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Kind of a networking question: • I have the prefect v1 server running locally on my Macbook and can connect to it as normal using localhost:8000 or localhost:8080. • I have a separate computer (raspberry pi4) running that I want to build and run flows on • I want the raspberry pi to be able to register flows to the server running on my macbook over the local network What I need to figure out is how to make it possible for the raspberry pi to make network requests to my prefect server that I’m hosting on my mac book pro.
My suspicion is that there’s something I’m missing between running the prefect server on a docker network and making a port available on my MBP that forwards requests to the docker container.
solved my own problem. Using the
flag worked. This didn’t come up as an option when I looked through the CLI with
prefect server start --help
I found it in the documentation here: