Hi, I've looked through a couple questions on the ...
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Hi, I've looked through a couple questions on the helm/k8s setup for Orion but havent found my answer. This is probably just me missing something about k8s itself. Im just trying to test self-hosting orion on my local machine using the helm chart found here and then opening the locally running dashboard. The command im using is
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helm install prefect-orion-poc prefect/prefect-orion --values  helm-orion-values.yaml
and my values file is
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namespaceOverride: helm-prefect
    password: password
  enabled: true
It outputs
Get the application URL by running these commands: <http://prefect.local/>
but that comes back as an unknown host. Im pretty new to K8S so any help is appreciated.
if you are new to K8s and Helm, perhaps you can try Prefect Cloud? you could deploy a K8s agent as simple as:
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prefect kubernetes manifest agent > agent.yaml

kubectl apply -f agent.yaml
and then create a KubernetesJob block and a deployment with the same work queue as the agent (default is
URL to sign up for a free account: app.prefect.cloud
Sorry @Anna Geller I was on vacation. Ive already gotten a locally hosted agent running with prefect cloud. We're PoCing self hosted orion because its potentially a good fit for our use case. If you have any resources you could point me to for setting orion up in a local k8s with nginx that would be much appreciated. Ive been through all teh standard docs. I suspect Im just missing something on the networking/nginx side.