Dillan Smith

12/09/2022, 8:15 PM
Hi, I've looked through a couple questions on the helm/k8s setup for Orion but havent found my answer. This is probably just me missing something about k8s itself. Im just trying to test self-hosting orion on my local machine using the helm chart found here and then opening the locally running dashboard. The command im using is
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helm install prefect-orion-poc prefect/prefect-orion --values  helm-orion-values.yaml
and my values file is
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namespaceOverride: helm-prefect
    password: password
  enabled: true
It outputs
Get the application URL by running these commands: <http://prefect.local/>
but that comes back as an unknown host. Im pretty new to K8S so any help is appreciated.

Anna Geller

12/11/2022, 1:40 AM
if you are new to K8s and Helm, perhaps you can try Prefect Cloud? you could deploy a K8s agent as simple as:
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prefect kubernetes manifest agent > agent.yaml

kubectl apply -f agent.yaml
and then create a KubernetesJob block and a deployment with the same work queue as the agent (default is
URL to sign up for a free account:

Dillan Smith

12/21/2022, 4:05 PM
Sorry @Anna Geller I was on vacation. Ive already gotten a locally hosted agent running with prefect cloud. We're PoCing self hosted orion because its potentially a good fit for our use case. If you have any resources you could point me to for setting orion up in a local k8s with nginx that would be much appreciated. Ive been through all teh standard docs. I suspect Im just missing something on the networking/nginx side.