Zachary Loertscher

12/07/2022, 9:17 PM
Hi all, I'm running into an issue where Prefect is not detecting new packages I add to the requirements.txt (specifically the prefect
extra and
package). We are running Prefect 1.2.0. Deployment is successful, and the flow is successfully registered (the imports in my
script run successfully), but Prefect Cloud can't find the package:
Failed to load and execute flow run: ImportError('Using prefect.tasks.sql_server requires Prefect to be installed with the "sql_server" extra.')
Is there a way to re-sync prefect-cloud with my docker container? Just seems like Prefect cloud isn't finding the packages I have installed on my container

Peyton Runyan

12/08/2022, 11:13 AM
Can you run the container locally, exec into it, and see if the packages are present there? And do you have your container with all of the dependencies specified in the infrastructure block?