Quick question about filtering flows using Tags in...
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Quick question about filtering flows using Tags in the UI. When I click on the Tags textbox, it doesn't show all the available options for tags. Is this the standard behaviour, or something might not be working as expected? If so, would be nice to have a list of all possible tags, exactly like we have for the other fields.
Good morning! Could anyone take a look at this thread, please? We are trying to understand if we can rely on tags for filtering the flows, or if we should concatenate all the information on the flow name instead
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It looks like tags are associated with deployments, so if you're flow does not have a deployment with a tag, that would not be a reliable way to filter.
Hi @Kalise Richmond, thanks for the reply. What about the tags that can be added to the flow run? Are they also associated with the deployment? From the prefect.flows reference I can see this option:
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from prefect import tags

with tags("db", "blue"):
Oh, interesting. I did not know of that way to define additional tags on the flow. That definitely works and then would allow you to filter the flow runs page based on tags and would work for Flor runs not associated with deployments.
I think my main question is if it would be possible to have the Tags listed in the UI? Even using the
didn't make them appear on the UI tag dropbox, which makes harder for us to filter using tags. We were thinking in using key-values as tags, so the user would need to write something like
in order to filter the flow run using this tag, which is not practical and very likely to lead to a writing error. Would this be a candidate for a feature request, or technically is not possible ?
I would put in a feature request. I think it's technically difficult since tags are dynamically created but probably not impossible.
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