Following my previous query two days ago about the...
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Following my previous query two days ago about the change in behaviour I found in
no longer reporting logs through to orion. I went reading through
and see in #7569 that there was some change to the logic. Now there is a test made against
before the orion log handler is attached to the logger of the extra module. I am not sure exactly what
is in this sense, but when I disable this check to force the orion handler to attach itself to my extra module, things work as expected and logs are streamed to orion. It seems that by default that this
is set to
(at least I have not knowingly set it), and the test made against its value is negative when evaluating whether to attach the orion logger. So my question is what is this
configurable, and how does one set it? Is the check made against it actually intended to be negated? Once I remove the check my logs for extra modules outlined in
behave the same as pre v2.6.9 / #7569 @Anna Geller @Zanie - I see both your names on the change -- please don't hate me for tagging you directly 🙂
Thanks so much for reporting this. It seems like a regression. Would you mind opening a GitHub issue? We would investigate after the weekend. Thanks again and well spotted
Sure -- I can raise one shortly. I'd like to try to understand the function a bit more before claiming anything too crazy - I hate finding problems and throwing them towards others!
I have dumped by brain and its rambling thoughts as a new issue:
🙏 3