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Andreas Nigg

12/02/2022, 7:29 AM
Hey folks - what happens, if a flow runs and prefect 2.0 cloud gets updated? 🤓 🤓 I'm asking because I very rarely but still get the following error when running flows - and it now was 2 times that it somehow was in the same timerange when a release note was published 😅 But obviously that's highly speculative on my side - is there anything I can provide or investigate the issue?
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Crash detected! Execution was interrupted by an unexpected exception: PrefectHTTPStatusError: Server error '500 Internal Server Error' for url '<>'
Response: {'detail': {'exception_message': 'Internal Server Error'}}
For more information check: <>
EDIT: Ok I found a thread in the best-practices-coordination - channel - there it was confirmed that there was a small service interruption. Therefore this question is obsolete.