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Sam Cook

12/01/2022, 8:25 PM
Is there a most correct way to pass mapped results between tasks in a flow? I have a flow that generates a list of items and then repeatedly calls
to pass those items/results to follow on tasks. Consistently, if I have a large number of items (50+) then the entire process will lock up during the follow on tasks and fail to terminate cleanly. In the UI the root job is marked as
but the tasks are always stuck in a running state. I'm running in a Kubernetes environment as well so the stuck jobs have to be manually cleaned up whenever this occurs as they never reach completion. I think this might possibly be related to @Boggdan Barrientos question from yesterday.
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Here's an example flow that causes a lock in my environment
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from prefect import flow, task

def process1(event):
    return event

def process2(event):
    return event

def process3(event):
    return event

def process4(event):
    return event

def example():
    event = {"debug": "ignore"}
    return [event for i in range(100)]

def my_flow():
    result = example.submit()
    res1 =
    res2 =
    res3 =
    res4 =

Also, if I manually iterate over results before passing the results to the next map everything works as expected.
res1 = [res.result() for res in res1]


12/01/2022, 8:53 PM
Mapping with a bunch of data passing like that will deadlock right now. I’m working on fixing this ASAP 🙂
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Sorry you’ve run into it 😞

Sam Cook

12/01/2022, 9:00 PM
Glad to have an answer that's not my fault at least 😆