Is there a the return of the Prefect 1.x dashboard...
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Is there a the return of the Prefect 1.x dashboard on the table/roadmap for 2.x? For observability and high-level monitoring I find it very useful (knowing the count of the failing/successful flows, with good colour schemes)
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We are working on several cool new visualizations. @Brandon Reid is leading the design efforts here and there's a lot of cool stuff planned for 2023 🙌
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That’s super great to know!!! let’s go 💪 P
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Hey @Brandon Reid I’ve been checking the latest short videos about the new UI improvements! Keeps getting better! The new flows graph looks awesome! Any news about the flow monitoring dashboard (idea similar to the one that Prefect V1 had)
@Ricardo Gaspar I'll DM ya, we should chat about what you'd like to see on an overview type page!
For those who have been wanted this, it’s here! @Brandon Reid and the P team delivered it! Congrats and thank you for listening!
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Thanks for being patient @Ricardo Gaspar, lots of good stuff coming!
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