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Valeria Romero

07/25/2022, 7:11 PM
Hey, everyone! We constructed a simple Prefect-1.0 AWS ECS Boilerplate to deploy multiple flows with dependencies using GitHub Storage and ECSRun. We set up the ECS infrastructure with Terraform; with GitHub Actions we build and push a Docker image to ECR and register the flows to Prefect; and, finally, we run the flows on Prefect Cloud UI with a local ECS Agent. This boilerplate facilitates: - Import from flow modules in different directories - Automatic Prefect flow configuration and registration - The use of GitHub Secrets and dotenv variables - ECS Cluster setup with Terraform - The connection to ECR and Prefect using GitHub Actions Check out the repository here: We hope this template is useful to others, and we look forward to reading your feedback!
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Anna Geller

07/25/2022, 9:49 PM
Thanks so much for sharing, well-done! I'll cross-post on Discourse for visibility
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