Hey y'all--happy Monday! I'm looking for guidance ...
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Hey y'all--happy Monday! I'm looking for guidance on writing credentials from Prefect Secrets to files, or alternatively for best practices using DBT profiles in Prefect flows in this Discourse topic, would love to hear from other Prefect community users: https://discourse.prefect.io/t/creating-volume-mounts-or-files-from-prefect-secrets/1243
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thanks so much Anna! I think you've sent me where I'm trying to go! I responded in thread but I believe the gist for prefect2 is this from the prefect-dbt collection:
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dbt_cli_profile = DbtCliProfile(
            result = trigger_dbt_cli_command(
                "dbt debug",
It does not appear that there is a Prefect-native way to mount or pre-load a secret as a file at flow execution time but that's ok because I can get the values from a secret block and then use them in my flow this way rather than trying to worry about files at all