Gunther Wallach

07/25/2022, 5:47 PM
Hi y'all I am developing a flow and have come across an error that neither me or my team understands. When trying to register the flow, we get:
ValueError: Flow could not be deserialized successfully. Error was: ValueError('A task with the slug "Parameter" already exists in this flow.')
This shows up after the step:
[2022-07-25 17:27:11-0700] INFO - prefect.Docker | Pushing image to the registry..
Parameters are currently in their own file, and are referenced in the main flow file with:
import <main_directory>.tasks.params as params
resolved. Happened because multiple parameters were defined as:
<param_name> = Parameter("")
So, you cannot leave parameters blank and register the flow.
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Bianca Hoch

07/25/2022, 10:31 PM
Hello Gunther, glad you figured out the problem!