# prefect-community

Rajvir Jhawar

07/25/2022, 2:01 PM
Hi prefect team, I had a question about deployment pausing in prefect 2.0. I am little confused by this concept. If a work queue is filtering by deployment and the deployment is paused do all flow runs based on said deployment get paused and go into a "pending" state? I don't see a way "pause" deployment programatically via either the cli or the api. It seems like this is a UI only feature am i missing something here?
Okay nvm i found this: "Selecting the toggle next to a deployment pauses the run schedule for the deployment, if the deployment specifies a schedule." I still do think this is strange behaviour. Pausing a deployment only pauses a flow run with a schedule, but doesn't pause a flow run that is being filtered by a work queue?

Jeff Hale

07/25/2022, 6:47 PM
Glad you found it!