Ha Pham

07/22/2022, 3:08 AM
Hi, I'm looking into Prefect 2.0 and have questions about managing secrets / credentials of external services. In 1.0 local development, I can set them in the
file, or put them in an .env file. In 2.0 looks like this is replaced by the
concept. So: • Looking at Block's doc, I think currently the only way for me to register a certain secret is to write it as a Block, turn it into a script, then run it. Is this correct? • It is said that the Block's content will be saved in the db (default to SQLite). does this mean if I want to see the content outside of prefect's development workflow, I have to query the db directly? • How do I modify & delete saved secrets? • What's the best way to manage environment variables?

Anna Geller

07/22/2022, 10:40 AM
the primary interface for interacting with blocks such as creating and modifying Secret blocks is the UI - since this is an API-first server-side abstraction, you can create and modify blocks even via an API call or from Python client, but the UI is the easiest and main usage we anticipate
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