Hi all, I'm trying out Prefect server and got stuc...
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Hi all, I'm trying out Prefect server and got stuck with this error - any idea what can cause this?
Thanks Anna, will go through this and see what's the problem is
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So I checked the API and this is the message I received. Plus, the console shows a 405 error. For context, I'm running this on Windows subsystem, using Ubuntu
given that Server relies on Docker, I would recommend running it using Docker Desktop instead and a normal windows terminal otherwise, given that Prefect 2.0 reaches General Availability and becomes the default next week, you may want to use the new Prefect version, check out the docs here https://orion-docs.prefect.io/getting-started/overview/
Thanks Anna, will look into 2.0 version
Actually I do use docker desktop. When I run
prefect server start
inside the terminal, the following containers are created and run, but I still cannot do anything with the server
ohh nevermind, looks like this is something weird with Microsoft Edge. I tried using Firefox to access localhost and it works
interesting! thanks for the update