Hello Prefect folks! For my flow I am using `Kuber...
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Hello Prefect folks! For my flow I am using
registry for storage. In our Gitlab CI/CD pipeline, we want to register the flow when the feature branch is merged into main. However one problem we’re facing is that our CICD pipeline runs on docker, and since Prefect builds the docker image in the registration step, our pipeline fails (docker in docker). I’ve been looking for workaround around this and would be grateful for any ideas: I can tell you about what I have tried so far in the comments
the easiest solution would be adding a separate job in your CI that runs on ubuntu-latest instead of in a Docker container - dunno about Gitlab, but for GitHub I could send an example if you want
Yeah that would be cool
Just checked it: Running on ubnutu instead of docker is not possible in our Gitlab setup. @Kevin Kho do you know someone who had a similar problem and how they fixed it?
You need to mount the Docker sock to the container CI/CD is running in so that it has access to build, or you can just not rely on Prefect to build the container for the Flow and you can build it yourself somewhere else? You might run into the same problem though doing it in the CICD