We're looking to transition from Prefect 1.0 to 2....
# prefect-server
We're looking to transition from Prefect 1.0 to 2.0 when it's generally available. We run on our own servers instead of using Prefect Cloud. Despite being adorable, we opted to not use the default flow run names (e.g. delightful-marten, portable-scallop, strong-muskrat) and have our flows rename themselves with names that describe properties of their data. In Prefect 1.0, we used the
task. How do we do the same thing in Prefect 2.0? I don't see a similar task but maybe I just missed it. Thanks for the help!
Have you tried using Prefect 2.0 already? it's likely you no longer need that since now the flow runs from a deployment can be triggered (e.g. from the CLI) using the combination of flow name and deployment name and then this run is marked in the flow run page with the flow prefix, as here