Are labels applied in the GUI expected to apply to...
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Are labels applied in the GUI expected to apply to scheduled flow runs?
We have a flow that is scheduled to run every morning. About a week ago, we used the GUI to add a label to the flow, but it still seems to be hit or miss which agent picks it up each morning, as though the new label is not being used.
in that case, you may reregister the flow with the new set of labels to avoid ambiguity
We are re-registering this flow
Can you say what is the expected behavior? We applied the same pattern to five different flows (Applying an additional label from the GUI). Should we expect that to be sufficient?
I'm a bit biased towards defining such infrastructure-specific information in code to avoid any ambiguity between what's in your code/registration process vs. what's in the UI but both should work and if it doesn't, then you may open a GitHub issue for it explaining it in more detail
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