# prefect-community


07/13/2022, 12:07 AM
Question about Precfect 2. Reading more and more about the new concept of Block. I like the idea and what it provide you. This will be powerful. • Will block replace the concept of filesystem? • How can I know the capability of a block? • Can I use the block concept to hide the storage location depending on the setup I do (local dev vs prod for example)?

Anna Geller

07/13/2022, 10:28 AM
1. Afaik, the filesystem is an abstraction that makes it easier to work with files on local and remote systems and it leverages blocks behind the scenes, but the main reason seems to be simplifying the usage of various filesystems. In fact, if you look at blocks, you can create a block for a filesystem - img 1 2. The UI is a good place to see that - img 2 3. For dev vs prod I recommend using different Orion instances and switching between those using profiles - this way, there's no need to hardcode any environment information
cc @alex so that you can correct me if I'm wrong 😜 especially regarding #1