Hey I am trying to run a flow using DockerDeployme...
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Hey I am trying to run a flow using DockerDeployment using prefect 2.0 I have created a docker image of my flow environment and uploaded it on docker hub. I am getting this error
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docker.errors.NotFound: 404 Client Error for <http+docker://localhost/v1.41/containers/ab511ceee07d320a6e458ba7a063b9cf92ba177e49bf84657e85b0f613ae6f4d/wait>: Not Found ("No such container: ab511ceee07d320a6e458ba7a063b9cf92ba177e49bf84657e85b0f613ae6f4d")
What am i missing?
is this image publicly available? can you share your
prefect version
I figured it out I had prefect 2.0b7 installed on my orion instance And I created a docker image for deployment which installed version 2.0b7 I specified the 2.0b7 in the Dockerfile and now it's fixed Thanks for the reply tho
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nice! thanks for the update