In Prefect 2, is the default storage option set pe...
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In Prefect 2, is the default storage option set per-workspace or the same across all workspaces?
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Good point, I think we may want to make it more explicit in the docs (cc @terrence). Everything in Cloud 2.0 except for the API keys and other personal user settings, is bound to a workspace. So if you have 2 workspaces, each of them can have a different list of storage blocks that you can track using:
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prefect storage ls
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The docs make this clear in the Prefect Cloud docs, but it should be more emphasized in the storage docs. That whole section of the docs is likely to be significantly reworked soon to better address the connections between storage, blocks, and filesystems. At that time I’ll make sure to cover this in more depth. TY for highlighting this question.
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thanks Anna and Terrence
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